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Basic knowledge of Medicine ④ Medicine also has a “deadline”


“I think I had some left-over medicine when I caught a cold before……”
Are you thinking about using old medicine?

Since a medical prescription dispenses the necessary medicine according to the condition of the patient at the time they consult the doctor, please don’t use it according to your own judgment just because there is some left .

How long have you been using that eye drops?

Also, there are expiration dates for drugs just as food has an expiration date.
“Drugs for external application” (drugs used on the surface or mucosa of the skin) such as ointments, adhesive patches, eye drops, etc., show the expiration date of use on the container.
Please check.
This expiration date presumes the medication was stored properly before opening.
After opening, we recommend closing the lid tightly every time it’s used, keeping it clean, and finishing use as soon as possible.
Eye drops in particular often have a short period before the expiration date in the first place.
Including over-the-counter eye drops, it’s apparently necessary to use them up within one month after opening.
Sometimes, there are people who use the same eye drops for different purposes, such as home use, going out, office use, bedroom use, etc., depending on the situation, but it is not recommended.
It may be a little troublesome, but you should use one first and after you finish using it, open new one and try to finish using it as soon as possible.

Also pay attention to the storage location

“Internal medicine” is often prescribed in a medical institution. The expiration date for use is often specified on the container, and the medicine that the patient receives does not have the expiration date written on it.
Basically, quality is checked at the developmental stage so that it can be used with confidence for 2 to 3 years.
However, this 2-3 years is the case if it was stored properly.
Please remember that prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs show an expiration date determined as long as the medication is “unopened / stored properly”.

The expiration date is important for drugs, but the storage method is also important.
Please keep in mind the “light”, “temperature”, and “humidity”.
Avoid locations that are subject to high temperature, high humidity, or direct sunlight.
Also, there are things that are fine at room temperature and others that should be kept in the refrigerator.
Usually, eye drops, syrups, suppositories, and unused insulin preparations are generally stored in the refrigerator.