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Can I take tablets by cutting them?


When the tablets are large and difficult to swallow, some may wonder, “Is it okay to break orcrush them?”
Also, some people may adjust the amount by splitting or crushing sleeping pills or tranquilizers in half when they want to reduce their size.
In such cases, I would like to tell you about the precautions when breaking or crushing the medicine.

Reasons that some tablets should not be crushed

First of all, if you can take the tablet by breaking or chewing it because it is difficult to swallow, there are cases where there’s no problem, and cases where there is a problem.
So, in conclusion, I would like you to consult your pharmacist or your doctor at the pharmacy first.
Then, in some cases, there is a problem with cracking or chewing, typically when the surface is coated. The coating, of course, has a purpose.
・ Suppresses bitterness and odor and makes it easier to take
・ It is devised so that it melts in the small intestine instead of the stomach (enteric coating)
・ It is devised so that the ingredients of the drug gradually dissolve in order to maintain the effect of the drug (sustained release coating).
If you take the medicine coated for this purpose by breaking or chewing it, the bitterness will be so strong that it will be difficult to take, or it will dissolve in stomach acid and become
ineffective or have side effects, or the effect will not last. … and you will be in trouble.
Therefore, if you find it difficult to take the tablet as it is, please contact us first.
You can also wrap it in a pill swallowing gel or wafer and swallow it more easily.

Tablets can be powdered at pharmacies

You might want to take sleeping pills and tranquilizers in adjusted amounts.
When reducing or withdrawing medication, it is common to gradually reduce the dose.
Many tablets have a line in the middle, which is called a “secant line”, and although it can be divided in half, it is difficult to divide it into smaller pieces.
You can cut it into small pieces using a commercially available pill cutter, but you can also have a pharmacy grind the tablets into powder with the approval of your doctor.
If you use powder, it will be easier to make fine adjustments.
If you want to grind the tablets at a pharmacy, the dispensing fee will be a little higher under the designation of “homemade agent addition”, but any pharmacy can handle it.
However, if you are thinking of reducing or stopping your medication, whether it is a sleeping pill or a stabilizer, consult your doctor first.