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COVID and vaccine information site “Covi Navi” created by doctors


With the beginning of vaccination for the new coronavirus, many people are worried about whether to be vaccinated or not, or whether it is safe to be vaccinated.
If you look at online articles and SNS, you may find various information flying around and you may become even more confused.
Because of these circumstances, doctors who are in charge of medical treatment and research on new coronavirus infections introduced the outline, effects, side reactions, etc. of the vaccine, wanting to deliver accurate information on new coronavirus infections and new coronavirus vaccines. They have opened a site called “Covi Navi” (

So that each person can make a judgment based on sufficient information

“Covi” in “Covi Navi” means “COVID-19” (new coronavirus).
This is a site for “navigating” for everyone to obtain accurate information about the new coronavirus.
“I think it’s important for each person to obtain accurate information about the vaccine and be able to make their own decisions.
If they have insufficient information, we need to avoid a situation of them having to make their own decision whether to have the vaccine or not when their turn or opportunity comes. Dr. Kensuke Yoshimura, the representative of this project, wrote on this site.

“Does the vaccine work for Japanese people?”

“Covi Navi” contains “Vaccine Q & A”, “Videos / slides” that answer simple questions about vaccines, and “Experiences” of hospital staff who actually inoculated the vaccine.
For example, in the “Video” with the theme “Does the vaccine work properly even for Japanese people?”, he answered, “It is believed that there is a high preventive effect in Japan,” and the following two points are the reasons.
For one thing, although this vaccine clinical trial is being conducted in the United States, it is intentionally targeted at people of various races, including many Asians.
Another reason is that Pfizer’s vaccine has been undergoing small-scale clinical trials in Japan before approval, and it has been confirmed that antibodies can be robustly produced in Japanese people.

“How did you get the corona vaccine so quickly?”

If you are worried about whether or not to get vaccinated against the new coronavirus, the most important factor is safety.
Initially, it was said that it would take 10 years to develop a vaccine, but how was it possible so quickly? You might be worried about whether it is really safe.
The reason why the vaccine was made in a short period of time is explained as follows in the “Video” under the theme of “Vaccine Safety (1) Vaccine Development”.
For one thing, this new type of coronavirus is similar to “SARS”, and research on SARS has already included research on the target (spike protein) of this vaccine.
The other is that research on using messenger RNA as a vaccine has been ongoing for about 20 years, and it is simply time to administer it to humans.
There are various other reasons why the vaccine was developed early, but the above two points are major.

“Why is the corona vaccine an intramuscular injection?”

By the way, it is often brought up that the new corona vaccine is given by intramuscular injection.
Why is it an intramuscular injection?
This is also explained in “Video”.
In Japan, when it comes to vaccines, “subcutaneous injection”, which is applied to a shallower depth, has been customary.
This new corona vaccine is an intramuscular injection that is inserted deeper.
It’s simply doing it the same way as American clinical trials.
Therefore, the reason why the clinical trial was done via intramuscular injection is that most vaccines are injected subcutaneously only in Japan; influenza vaccines are also generally injected intramuscularly overseas. Moreover, there is a reason why intramuscular injection is common overseas, and it appears that method is more likely to produce antibodies and less likely to cause local reactions (side reactions).
“I want to know about the corona vaccine, and I want to know whether to have it or not.”
If you are worried about that, why not take a look at “Covi Navi”?
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