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If I have a prescription, can I obtain the medicine even if I am not the one picking it up? ——Pharmacy’s book ②


You have been examined and prescribed medicine. But have you ever had an experience when you were feeling sick and wanted your family member or partner to go to the pharmacy to pick up your medicine instead?
Can you receive the medicine If you have someone other than yourself bringing your prescription ?

You can get it even if you are not the one picking it up

In short, it is possible for someone other than the patient to obtain the medicine on their behalf.
For example, if I’m terribly ill and I’m not feeling well enough to go to the pharmacy, it’s difficult to go out because of the illness, I’m worried that I’m suffering from a highly infectious disease and I’m going to pass it on to someone else or, on the contrary, my immunity is weak and I may get infected. If you are vulnerable to illness, you should ask someone else to go to the pharmacy for you.

What you need for another person to pick up medicine on your behalf

So what do you need for another person to pick up a prescription drug at a pharmacy on your behalf?
First, of course, you need the “original prescription”. Make sure it hasn’t expired.
You will also need your “insurance card”. If you are subsidized for medical expenses by the local government, please bring your “beneficiary certificate” (child medical expenses, medical expenses for persons with disabilities, single-parent family medical expenses, welfare medical expenses for the elderly, etc.).
And, if possible, it would be simpler to have a “medicine notebook”. It is important to check the combination of medications from past prescription history and to understand allergy information.

Check when obtaining medicine by another on your behalf

When a person other than the patient brings a prescription and picks up the medicine, the pharmacist asks about the relationship with the patient, such as “Are you a family member?” or “What kind of relationship do you have?”.
At that time, it is possible for people other than family members to receive the medicine.
However, in order to obtain the medicine more safely, they may ask about the patient’s condition, allergy history, other medicines taken, etc., so it is desirable and less complicated for them to have such information.