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Basic knowledge of Medicine ① drug “form” has function


From here, I will tell you about “Medicine Basics”.
The subject is the “form” of medicine.
I think that everyone knows that there are many forms of medicine.

Even for oral medicine (medicine taken by mouth); “liquid medicine”, “powder medicine”, “granule”, “tablet”, and “capsule”.

  • Liquid medicine … liquid medicine. This includes many children’s medications.
  • Powder …… powdered medicine, also called powder medicine
  • Granules …… Medicine made by forming powder into granules. It is harder to scatter than powder and easy to swallow
  • Tablets …… Compression-molded ingredients. “Uncoated”, in which the active ingredient is made into a tablet.
    “Sugar coated medicine” with a sugar covering so as not to taste the bitterness; “OD Tablets (orally disintegrating tablet)” melts with saliva, and can be swallowed without water; “Extended-release tablets” is designed for sustained time release drug effect
  • Capsules …… Powders, granules, liquid medicines, etc. within capsules.

Each form has its own function.
How the medicine is to act (to direct it where you want it), time before the effect appears, ease of taking the medicine, etc., is designed into each form.
For example, time efficiency is fastest in liquid form, followed by powder, granule, capsule, and tablet – in that order.

In addition, capsule form has benefits such as making it easy to swallow, hiding the smell and bitter taste, protecting the medicine which is weak to lights and protecting from the possibility of damaging the gastrointestinal tract if swallowed directly, so please take it in capsule form.

However, please consult if the prescribed medicine is hard to take, or if you are not good at swallowing it. The same ingredients can be obtained in different forms. Medication can also be taken in jelly form. We will offer tips on how to take medicine.