Useful information

Opening July 1st


There may be some of you who live or work near Takanawadai wondering, “What is going to be built?”
It was covered in a sheet for a long time, but now the signboard is done, so now we can show you.

Medical Prime Takanawa —
7 story building – from 2F to 7F, there will be clinics on each floor. It’s a one stop medical mall in which you can visit several clinics.

And on the 1F level, MetroPharmacy is opening on July 1st.

For those patients who visit clinics inside Medical Prime Takanawa, you can visit clinics, get a diagnosis and receive medicine in one stop, in the same building.

Of course, other patients who visit other medical institutions can use our pharmacy if you bring in a prescription, so feel free to stop by.
In this useful information column, we will provide useful health information for all of you about medicine and the pharmacy.