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Services to Help with Problematic Medications (1) Single Package


The job of an apothecary pharmacist is to prepare medicines according to the prescription brought in by the patient, dispense them to the patient, and provide appropriate instructions so that the patient can take the medicines safely.
This is the main job of the pharmacist, but in fact, the pharmacist also has an additional role (service).
In this issue, we will tell you about the “single-packaging” service, which is useful when there are many kinds of medicines and you feel as if you’re having trouble.

Multiple types of medicines can be packaged in a single package

Do you have multiple medications that you need to take, but you forget to take some of them? Or you are not sure which medicine to take and when to take it, or end up taking it by mistake?
In such cases, you can combine medicines that should be taken at the same time into a single pouch, which is called “single package”. For example, medicines to be taken after breakfast, and medicines to be taken after dinner, can be grouped by dose, making it difficult to forget to take them.

Doctor’s order required for single-packaging

Cost for single packaging

There is an additional cost to perform single packaging.
Previously, it was called “additional fee for single package” under “dispensing fee,” but from April 2022, it will be calculated as “outpatient medication support fee 2.”
For 42 days or less: 34 points (340 yen) for each additional 7 days or fraction thereof
For 43 days or more: 240 points (2,400 yen)
However, the patient’s co-payment will be 10-30% of the above.