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The new corona is not a pandemic⁉


The new coronavirus is not a pandemic.
This is the title of a report published in “THE LANCET,” which is one of the most acclaimed
medical journals in the world.
As of the end of October 2020, the death toll from the new coronavirus infection has
exceeded 1.1 million. But what does it mean that it is not a “pandemic”?

What’s happening if it’s not a pandemic?

The report states that the new Corona is a “syndemic” rather than a “pandemic.”
Syndemic is when multiple epidemics occur in an overlapping manner and have an adverse
effect on each other. It is a coined word that combines “synergy” and “epidemic”,
advocated by Merrill Singer, an American medical anthropologist, in the 1990s. By the way,
synergy is a synergistic effect, which is often called a synergy effect. An epidemic is the
outbreak of a large number of cases of a disease in a region or society.
So what is interacting?
It says that coronavirus infections and non-communicable diseases (that is, hypertension,
obesity, diabetes, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, etc.) interact within a
particular population. He points out that there are social and economic disparities in the

Infectious disease control alone does not solve the coronavirus problem

Speaking of measures against the new coronavirus, the first thing we envision is to cut off
the infection route. That is the basis of infectious disease prevention and infection spread
prevention. But the new coronavirus isn’t that simple, and the report points out that treating
the new coronavirus as a mere infectious disease is a “very narrow approach.”
So, what kind of response is required?
First, dealing with non-infectious diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer (so-called chronic
diseases) is a prerequisite for successful containment of the new coronavirus, the report
It also emphasizes that true security cannot be ensured unless the government takes
measures to close the serious inequality.

Depression, unhealthy living, and suicide problems that are occurring in Japan

In Japan, words such as “corona depression,” “corona fatness,” and “corona poverty” are
often heard, and while staying at home with anxiety about coronavirus, the muscles around
the legs and mouth of the elderly have weakened (Frailty, Oral frailty), and we hear that
dementia has worsened.
Furthermore, the number of suicides also increased in August and September compared to
the same months of the previous year. In particular, the increase in female suicides is
remarkable, and it has been pointed out that the problems of domestic violence and
non-regular employment, postpartum depression, and the fatigue of childcare and
long-term care may have affected the situation.