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Think you know the right way to use eye drops?


What do you do when you apply eye drops?
Turn your face upward, apply the drops, and blink several times?
Is that how you are applying eye drops?
Actually, this is the wrong way to use them.
Many people commonly use eye drops for tired eyes, dry eyes, and itching due to allergies.
However, surprisingly, the correct way to apply eye drops isn’t as commonly known.
This time, let’s discuss the “yes and no” related to eye drops.

More than half of people make a mistake in “how to use eye drops”

Although it is a slightly old survey in 2010, according to an Internet survey on eye drop
methods conducted by Pfizer Inc 43.3% of the respondents said that they blinked their eyes
after looking up and applying eye drops. 15.1% of the respondents said they kept still with
their eyes open for a while.
Both are wrong methods of using eye drops.
In other words, more than half of the people actually use eye drops the wrong way.

The correct way to do it is to wait for one minute

The correct way to do this is to wash your hands with soap and running water.
Then, turn your face slightly upward and pull the lower eyelid down with your finger or lashes
so that the tip of the eye drop container does not touch the edge of the eyelid or the
After installation, turn your face back and close your eyes for a while, or lightly hold your
eyes (nose) and wait for the medicine to penetrate deep into your eyes.
At this time, if you open your eyes or make your eyes blink while facing up, the eye drops will
spill out. That is why it is NOT GOOD..
So, it is said that one to five minutes should be waited with the eyes closed or lightly held
shut after application. You may wonder, “why wait so long?” But, please, wait at least a

One drop is enough for one application

Do you feel rather than just have a drop at a time, it seems to be more effective to add 2 or 3
drops at a time?
If you use 2 or 3 drops at once, it just overflows your eyes and leaks out. One drop is
The eye drop is stored in a bag-shaped space called the “conjunctival sac” and then
absorbed into the back. The amount of liquid that can enter this conjunctival sac is said to be
20 to 30 microliters for adults. On the other hand, one drop of eye drops is 30 to 50
microliters, so even two or three drops will just overflow.
So, when it comes to using two types of eye drops, be sure to leave an interval.
If you apply the next eye drop immediately after applying the first, the first drop will be
washed away. Allow at least 5 minutes.

What is the expiration date for eye drops?

By the way, when did you open the eye drops you are using now?
Eye drops also have an expiration date.
The “expiration date” written on the package refers to it being unopened.
After opening, it has been ascertained that it should be used within a month for eye drops
prescribed by a medical institution and within 3 months for over-the-counter eye drops. Don’t
keep using the expired ones.