Access1 min walk from Takanawadai station

Open on weekdays 8:45~19:15
Saturdays 8:45~15:45
Closed on Sundays and National holidays

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We want to be your personal favorite pharmacy

Neighboring medical institutions

  • Shinagawa Gut Clinic (At 2F in the bldg)
  • Takanawadai Ladies Clinic (At 3F in the bldg)
  • Shimoda Skin Clinic (At 4F in the bldg)
  • Takanawadai Saito Orthopedic Surgical Clinic (At 4F・5F in the bldg)
  • Kagayaki internal and diabetic medicine clinic (At 6F in the bldg)
  • Takanawadai Eye Clinic (At 7F in the bldg)
  • Tokyo Takanawa Hospital
  • NTT East Japan Kanto Hospital
Medical Prime Takanawa 1F, 3-8-17 Takanawa Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1 minute walk from Toei Asakusa line, Takanawadai station.
  • 12 minute walk from Nanboku line, Shiroganedai station.
  • 13 minute walk from JR line, Gotanda station.
  • 14 minute walk from JR line, Shinagawa station.

*There is no parking lot so please use public transportation or neighboring parking lot.

03-5424-1231 /
Weekdays 8:45~19:15 /
Saturdays 8:45~15:45
Sundays and National Holidays
Payment method
  • cash
  • credit card
Facility and services
  • Register prescription
  • Water server
Handle various insurances
  • Income protection, tuberculosis medical, atomic bomb, psychiatric rehabilitation, rehabilitation and public healthcare for disabled children, workers' compensation insurance, incurable disease, pediatric chronic specific disease.

Message from Metro Pharmacy

Metro Pharmacy is located 1 minute walk from Takanawadai Station
and at 1F of Medical Prime Takanawa medical mall.
In addition to clinics inside Medical Prime Takanawa,
we handle prescriptions from all hospitals and clinics within Japan,
so please feel free to come by.

We understand that we are handling medicine to be taken into your body,
so we keep in mind that nothing is more important than to handle it right.
Furthermore, we are careful to prepare medicine as quickly as possible for sick patients and their busy families.

We now live in an era full of information on healthcare and medicine.
Therefore, I think you might also wonder whether you should keep on taking the medicine or ask 'why am I taking this medicine?'.
If you have any concerns about your medicine or health,
feel free to consult with us.

We would like to be the favorite regular pharmacy for each one of you.

Register prescription online

By sending your prescription online, you can receive your medicine at your preferred time!
You can shorten your waiting time at the pharmacy and use your time efficiently.

Click here for prescription reservation by smartphone

You may use this while waiting.

Community space PHELOPHEPA (7F in the bldg)

There will be healthcare related events such as healthcare lectures, preventive medicine seminars and yoga.

List of events

Transportation and access


Medical Prime Takanawa 1F, 3-8-17 Takanawa Minato-ku Tokyo
TEL: 03-5424-1231 /
FAX: 03-5424-1232
1 minute walk from 'Takanawadai station' 12 minute walk from 'Shiroganedai station' 13 minute walk from 'Gotanda station' 14 minute walk from 'Shinagawa station' *There is no parking lot so please use public transportation or use neighboring parking.